available in purple or blue

available in purple or blue

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Wu Si Chamber Ensemble Vignettes Vol. 1

Limited Edition Thumb-drive (Music Album)

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Music Video - Destiny of Michiko

Album Preview

Contents of the Limited Edition Thumbdrive     Vignettes Vol. 1 Release:

1) High Quality MP3 (320kps) of the Music Album

2) Full Conductor Score PDFs of the Music

4) Bonus MP3 Tracks (Original Versions of the Music)


The Wu Si Chamber Ensemble
 Vignettes Vol. 1


All themes composed & conducted by Ting Si Hao

1) Destiny of Michiko - Arranged/Re-orchestrated by Alex Aaroen
2) Fildin Square - Arranged/Re-orchestrated by Alex Aaroen
3) Love Blossoms - Arranged/Re-orchestrated by Alex Aaroen
4) Our Last Sunset - Arranged/Re-orchestrated by Jeremy Leidhecker
5) Desolate - Arranged/Re-orchestrated by Jeremy Leidhecker
6) In Awe of Space - Arranged/Re-orchestrated by Camilo Pentzke

Session engineered by Debbie Smith
Assistant Engineer : Alex Di Camillo

Flute: Lina Andonovska
Oboe: Jenny Magee
Clarinet Pablo: Manjón-Cabezas Guzmán
Violin: Gillian Williams
Viola: Carla Vedres
Cello: Gerald Peregrine
Bass: Aura Stone
Piano: Alexander Aaroen

Musicians contracted by Gavin O'Sullivan

Session Filmed by Phillip Arthur Simmons