Rafailia Bampasidou [Greece]

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She has a very sophisticated writing and thought beyond her age
Christopher Young (Spider-man 3, Hell Raiser, Drag Me To Hell)

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Why Rafailia needs your help

Due to the poor economic situation in Greece, Rafailia has been unable to obtain loans to fund her music education at Pulse College. Even after obtaining several scholarships, she is currently lacking 10k Euros to pay for her remaining tuition fees. She might not be able to continue her studies (Semester 2) if she is unable to obtain this funding within the next 3 months (from December '16). 

What Rafailia can give you if you support her education

Any contribution you can make to Rafailia will make a big difference. If you donate to Rafailia's campaign, she will keep you updated on her progress at Pulse College and her dreams to pursue film-scoring (sending you all her new compositions and score PDFs etc.).  See below for a personal gift with donations above $50 SGD.

Deborah &amp; Rafailia

Deborah & Rafailia

Personal Gift (Donations of at least $30 USD)

Rafailia will take a polaroid photograph with a cut-out of yourself and autograph it - This is available to any contributors worldwide. Wu Si will help fund the shipping of these autographed polaroids anywhere you are in the world.

Salima &amp; Rafailia

Salima & Rafailia

Get to know Rafailia better!

Film-Scoring portfolio from Rafailia's time at Pulse College

Re-score of a scene from Killing Season  - performed by a 28-piece Orchestra at Windmill Lane Studios

Re-score of a scene from Nosferatu - composed using the audio manipulation of a solo cello, voice and samples

Re-score of a scene from the movie Mirror by Andrei Tarkovsky. Conducted and recorded at Windmill Lane Studios. 


Rafailia is an award-winning Greek composer, orchestrator, pianist and researcher based in Dublin, Ireland. She has participated and won many international composition competitions awards.  Some of which include the International Composition Competition in memory of Alfred Schnittke for her piano trio "Wanderer" (3rd Prize), as well "Donne in Musica 2015, Serbia’ (1st Prize) for her percussion quartet "Primitiv" . 

 She holds a Bachelors degree in Mathematics and a Masters degree in Web Science under the supervision of world-renowned mathematician Ioannis Antoniou. She also holds diplomas in piano performance, harmony, counterpoint, fugue writing and orchestration. She is currently enrolled at the MA program in Scoring for Film and other Visual Media at Pulse College, Dublin Institute of Technology (Ireland). She is a recipient of both the "Garry Schyman Scholarship" as well as the Christopher Young Film Music Foundation Scholarship.

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