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Alex is an extremely gifted musician, with extensive experience and background, which is only superseded by his versatility to compose, execute and coordinate music for film.
— Kimble Rendall (Bait, The Matrix Reloaded, I,Robot)

This is Singaporean film-composer Alex Oh. He needs your help.

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Alex with his family

Alex with his family

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Why Alex needs your financial help

Alex is currently taking an M.A in Scoring for Film & Visual Media in Dublin, Ireland at Pulse College (Dublin Institute of Technology). Feeling like he has reached a creative limit as to what he can achieve in Singapore on his own, he decided to pursue his higher education at one of the most respected and renowned film-scoring programs (Tutors include renowned composer Christopher Young [Spiderman 3, Drag Me To Hell], Music Composer/Orchestrator Conrad Pope [The Hobbit, Star Wars], Andy Hill [Ex-VP at Walt Disney Pictures Music Production Division],  Garry Schyman [Bioshock] and more. He has taken a 50,000 (SGD, 1 SGD = 0.7 USD) personal loan for his studies and has a wife and kid to support. We implore that you help finance his education so that he is able to solely focus on his studies. This will allow him to achieve greater excellence in his craft as a film composer and maximize his time here at Pulse College, Ireland. 

Rewards [3 Tiers]

Tier 1 [20USD to less than 3k USD] 

If your amount corresponds to Tier 1, Alex Oh will give you access to all his scores and recordings throughout his year doing his M.A in Scoring for Film & Visual Media at Pulse College, Dublin Institute of Technology which will include a wide variety of pieces ranging from a 9-player chamber ensemble to  a 110-player orchestra.

Tier 2 [3 to less than 12k USD] 

If your donation amount corresponds to Tier 2's range, Alex Oh will compose a piece of music specially for you (3-5 minutes) or 2 x 30 seconds  TV Commercial. [Kindly note that Tier 2 includes rewards from Tier 1]

Tier 3 [12k USD and above] (mainly for Directors/Producer)

If you sponsor Alex's education in 12k USD and above, he will score your next feature film (or 2 short films) for free (excluding live-musician and studio fees if budget allows). [Kindly note that Tier 3 includes rewards from Tier 1 & 2]

Get to know Alex better:

Alex's introduction video about his time in Pulse so far (Semester 1)

Selected Highlights from Alex's Scoring Showreel

Check out his website for more


Alex Oh is one of Singapore's most prolific film composer, music producer and pianist. In a career spanning over a decade, he has scored many award-winning feature films, ranging from comedy, family-oriented and action films like 1965, Taxi! Taxi!, My Dog Dou Dou, It's A Great Great World to darker films like Bait, Rule Number One, Faeryville and the Singapore horror box office hit, The Maid. He was nominated for Best Original Music Score at the Asian Television Awards in 2004 for the TV Series The Frontline. His recent film score One Hour To Daylight (Utter 2016), is an initiative by the Singapore Writers Festival (SWF) that aims to tackle Singapore's social issues. Alex has also been active as a composer for social causes, some of which includes the ‘Share Shirley’ Campaign to spread awareness on sarcoma cancer as well as the Silver Ribbon project for mental health awareness.

Find out more about Alex at his personal website