The Wu Si Chamber Ensemble - Vignettes Vol. 1 (Digital Download)


The Wu Si Chamber Ensemble - Vignettes Vol. 1 (Digital Download)

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This is the first soundtrack inspired music album from the Wu Si Chamber Ensemble.

It features 6 tracks composed and conducted by our founder Ting Si Hao that are re-arranged by three very talented film composer/music arrangers - Alexander Aaroen, Jeremy Leidhecker & Camilo Pentzke.

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Contents of the Digital Download:

Album Credits (PDF)
Vignettes Vol. 1 Music Album (MP3 320kps)
Bonus Tracks of Original Versions

Music Video - Destiny of Michiko

Album Preview



The Wu Si Chamber Ensemble
 Vignettes Vol. 1


All themes composed & conducted by Ting Si Hao

1) Destiny of Michiko - Arranged/Re-orchestrated by Alex Aaroen
2) Fildin Square - Arranged/Re-orchestrated by Alex Aaroen
3) Love Blossoms - Arranged/Re-orchestrated by Alex Aaroen
4) Our Last Sunset - Arranged/Re-orchestrated by Jeremy Leidhecker
5) Desolate - Arranged/Re-orchestrated by Jeremy Leidhecker
6) In Awe of Space - Arranged/Re-orchestrated by Camilo Pentzke

Session engineered by Debbie Smith
Assistant Engineer : Alex Di Camillo

Flute: Lina Andonovska
Oboe: Jenny Magee
Clarinet Pablo: Manjón-Cabezas Guzmán
Violin: Gillian Williams
Viola: Carla Vedres
Cello: Gerald Peregrine
Bass: Aura Stone
Piano: Alexander Aaroen

Musicians contracted by Gavin O'Sullivan

Session Filmed by Phillip Arthur Simmons