Our Business Model

To make things clear, we are a non-profit limited organisation, not a charity. This means that we can run our organisation like any private-limited company with the exception of having shareholders. Musicians (this definition includes all jobs relating to the music industry) have dedicated their entire lives to their art and craft and we believe in paying them well for their quality work so that they can make a good sustainable living. 

How Our Fund-Raising Campaigns Work

At the moment, we are starting off by running private fund-raising campaigns for people in need of funding for their music education. (This will open to musicians needing to fund-raise for their own projects in 2017 / Public Crowd Source Campaigns)

We are doing campaigns specifically targeting donors/sponsors who might be able to help you on a personally level. We will work with you to come up with various reward tiers for different amounts of donation. To do this, we will need to get to know you well as an individual, where you are coming from and who you have worked with in the past. We take a small commission on every donation in order to run your campaign (percentage depends on how much money is needed to run the campaign - promotional & media materials, flight expenditures, event venue rental etc.) and to keep costs running for our organisation. We do not believe in fund-raising in excess as every campaign should have a specific financial goal (with the appropriate cost breakdown) to show that we are open and transparent with our financial needs. Therefore once we hit our target amount for your campaign (+ our commission), we will close the campaign and move on to the next. There will be no fixed length of time for each campaign so as to allow our clients to reach meet their financial needs eventually.