Message from our Founder

          I am a firm believer in the influence and power of music over the hearts, souls and minds of people. I truly and sincerely believe that this particular organization once lifted off its infancy will eventually play a huge role in contributing to the music industry (and eventually the media industry). Having an abundance mindset helps open the door to experiencing things beyond us and to inspire art and craft that will help us transcend our daily lives. For humanity to move forward, we need to strive towards building a world that has more love, understanding, kindness, compassion and openness. The daily tolls of trying to earn a good living might affect our abilities to put aside our differences and see each other for who we ultimately are - human beings striving for happiness.  I believe with a gradual shift in perspective, we will be able to strive towards commonalities instead of nit picking at differences. Our organization will be a living and breathing example filled with artistes who are able to sustain a good living based on the spirit of collaboration and of giving and sharing. 

          I would like to express my greatest appreciation to my family, friends, teachers and mentors in supporting the endeavours I have undertaken over the many years. I am extremely fortunate and lucky to have come from a privileged family that was able to support all my creative ventures; they must have spent more than 150k (SGD) over the past 10 years on my relentless strive to continuously improve my art & craft as both a music composer and producer. People who know me well can testify to my tenacity and commitment to always produce works of my greatest ability regardless of how limited they are at any given point of time. Without the financial and moral support of my family, I wouldn’t be who I am today. Thus, I would like to pass on this privilege to artistes, musicians,producers and composers of all nationalities and ages who may not be as fortunate as me. 

Yours sincerely, 

Ting Si Hao 陈思豪

Creative Director/Founder of Wú Sī (无私) 

Music Composer & Producer (